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We have a range of Robot Vacuums, Mowers and Mops that will save you time and make life more fun.

Whether you’re buying one of our vacuums, mowers or mops (or even all three!), we’re here to help with any advice or questions you have. Just give us a buzz on 01865 689004 or complete the contact us form, and we’ll buzz you back.

Robot Vacuums

Some of our Robot Vacuums can be simply programmed to start work when you want them to and will take themselves back to bed when they need charging; you only have to empty the box every once in a while leaving you with time for the better things in life.

We love bees, children and pets, but bees, children and pets can sometimes need a little extra cleaning up after. So we have powerful robot vacuums that’ll cope with most things and that have large, powerful, rechargeable batteries to keep them going. We also have smaller vacuums that’ll do all the work whilst you’re out at work, so you’ll always come home to a clean floor.


Robot Mowers

Our Robot Mowers also come in various sizes depending on the size of your lawn with the biggest able to cope with a full hectare of lawn. The Robot Mower can be set to mow your lawn everyday, making the grass feel extra fine and “carpet like” to walk on. Because the mower cuts daily, the cuttings are very small and there’s literally nothing to rake away or compost after each mow. The Robot Mower is quiet and can mow for a few hours between charges and just like the vacuum, will take itself back to the charging station when needed.

Robot mowers may not give your lawn stripes, but they will give it the best feel that only constant mowing can give.

Robot Mops

We have two Robot Mops; both are more than capable of giving you a sparklingly clean floor, but they work in totally different ways. Gatsbee is a simple little thing: he doesn’t have any eyes or know where he’s been or where he’s going, but he works really hard, and given plenty of time he’ll make a cracking job of cleaning your floor. Phoebee on the other hand is beautiful; she knows exactly where she has and hasn’t cleaned. She’s incredibly quiet and literally maps out the room before starting. Following a precise path she’ll cover every inch of the floor before returning to where she started.

Robot mops do a great job in kitchens, bathrooms or anywhere else you have a tiled, wooden or hard surface floor that needs cleaning.

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